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Collection of waste

We offer a comprehensive liquid and solid waste collection service for the maritime fleet, using specialised barges and ADR-trucks.
KAYAK MARITIME SERVICES is your contact person for the collection of all waste products produced by sea going vessels.
We will also help you to cope with all administrative consequences of the directive, and take care of a smooth coordination with the port and custom’s authorities.

KAYAK MARITIME SERVICES disposes of several tank barges and trucks for the collection of all liquid waste products, such as engine room slops, sludge, bilgewater (Marpol I), washing waters, dirty ballast waters (Marpol II), grey/black water (Marpol IV), etc. For all solid dangerous and non-dangerous waste products (Marpol V), we dispose of waste containers with capacities of 8 cbm up to 40 cbm.
Solid oily waste is collected in liquid tight containers (15 cbm).

We dispose of skilled and experienced personnel who will carry out your orders in the most efficiënt way.

Small quantities up to 6 cbm are collected by licensed truck. This will save you the time and thus cost of rental and transport of large waste containers.
All waste collected is transported to acknowledged treatment centres, maintaining the highest environmental standards.

For each waste disposal, you will receive the necessary waste certificates.

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