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KAYAK MARITIME SERVICES was established in 1997 as a service company for the maritime industry. Licensed by the Flemish Waste Government (OVAM license n° 10415), we are allowed to collect all dangerous and non-dangerous waste products generated by sea-going vessels in the ports of Antwerp, Ghent, Ostend & Zeebrugge. 

Wether requiring the removal of a few drums, or needing regular bulk tanker collections, as licensed waste collector, KAYAK MARITIME SERVICES is the ideal partner in the search for the best solution for the European Directive 2000/59 regarding ship’s generated waste. 
By relying on KAYAK MARITIME SERVICES as your single point of contact for your ship’s waste management, you will be able to work out a time saving and efficiënt solution for all your waste problems, fully conform the national and international legislation. 

- Collection of Marpol annex I, II, IV and V-waste
- Cleaning- and pumping works
- Assistance in environmental calamities (overflows)
- Rental of lay by berths and transshipment operations
- Delivery of ship's stores and spare parts by barge
- Rental and transport of fenders (Yokohama and regular fenders)
- Rental of hoisting equipment, mobile heating units, (hydraulic) pump units & powerpack
- Rental of pontoons and working barge with crane
- Rental and transport of garbage containers (capacities from 8 cbm up to 40 cbm)
- Delivery of cleaning products and oil spill kits

Other services:
- Rental of lay by berths
- Rental and delivery of fenders (Yokohama or regular)
- Mobile cranes
- Etc.  

Ship's Cleaning Operations On demande we can make you a proper offer.
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